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Maintaining Good Oral Health

The oral health of any particular individual is due to a wide array of different factors.  There are some factors, mainly genetic, over which a particular individual has no control.   Some people are simply born with teeth that are susceptible to cavities.  That being said, there are numerous other factors related to diet, exercise, and dental hygiene habits that are controllable.

The primary cause of oral health problems is gum disease. Even if the teeth themselves have no caries, if the gums that hold the teeth in place have problems, then of course the teeth will likely become loose or fall out.

The state of the gums is contingent on having good blood circulation to them and the avoidance of infection.  When an individual brushes his or her teeth, it is also a good idea to brush the gums to remove any gum disease causing bacteria from them.  It is also a good idea to use a bactericidal mouth wash on a frequent basis.  The state of one’s gums is also contingent upon the overall health and blood circulation of an individual.  The gums, like any tissue in the body require good blood circulation in order to remain healthy. If the blood circulation is compromised in any manner, it is also likely to have an adverse effect upon the gums.

emergency dentist reading berkshireTo maintain good oral health, it is also necessary to have an adequate consumption of necessary nutrients. The gums, like any other body tissue or organs, require a balanced diet consisting of essential fatty acids, various vitamins, proteins, and minerals in order to maintain their health.  The teeth will require adequate intake of calcium in order to maintain their health.  In order for calcium to be adequately absorbed from the digestive tract, an adequate intake of Vitamin D is also necessary. Vitamin D is necessary for calcium to be absorbed from the digestive tract into the blood stream.  Without adequate vitamin D calcium cannot be absorbed.  For vitamin D to become activated the person’s kidneys must be functioning well and they must receive some direct sunlight.  Sunlight is also necessary to convert vitamin D to its active form.

Of course, there is the dental hygiene that your mother probably taught you when you were a child. Brush your teeth after each meal and avoid eating foods loaded with sugar.  This is particularly true if you partake of sugary foods in the evening and then go to sleep without brushing your teeth.  When you brush your teeth, you also need to brush your gums to enhance blood circulation to them and remove any disease causing bacteria from them.  Certainly, you should also use dental floss regularly to remove particles that are caught in between your teeth. This should also be done three times daily, after meals.

The appearance and health of your oral cavity will also be significantly improved if you avoid smoking and tobacco products such as chewing tobacco and related products.  These products will discolour your teeth and have a deleterious effect upon your gums. The nicotine will serve to restrict blood vessels that supply your gums and increase the likelihood of gums disease, since the circulation of blood to the gums may be compromised.  Coffee and tea are other beverages which tend to stain the teeth and mar their appearance.

Additionally, let us not forget about the tongue !  It is also a good idea to brush your tongue when you brush your teeth. This will remove dead skin cells and debris from the tongue. This will make your breath smell much better and improve the appearance of your tongue. As with the gums, the tongue is a bodily tissue that is  in need of good nutrition and a strong cardiovascular system to maintain its health.

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